Yurikuma Arashi
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Japanese Air Date
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Opening Ano Mori de Matteru
Ending Territory
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Yurikuma Arashi is the twelfth and last episode of the Yuri Kuma Arashi anime series.


The Invisible Storm prepare a public execution of Ginko using their beam cannon as a way of punishing Kureha. Kureha, understanding that Ginko was her friend all along, is summoned to Severance Court, remembering that she was the one who requested that Ginko be turned into a human on the condition that she relinquish her love of Ginko by experiencing temporary amnesia in order to prove that her crime of being prideful was false all along. As Kureha approaches Ginko and prepares to give her the promise kiss, Lady Kumaria appears from the heavens and turns out to actually be Sumika, who taught her true love for Ginko was allowing her to withstand the exclusion ceremony. Realizing her true love for Ginko, Kureha calls out to Kumaria, who acknowledges Kureha's love as the true thing and turns her into a bear so that she can confess her love to Ginko. The Invisible Storm attempts to fire upon them, but they escape beyond the Wall of Severance. Having observed what had happened, Uko decides to go against the Invisible Storm and becomes friends with the abandoned Konomi. It is shown that Lulu and Milne have reunited under a tree, and Lulu explains to Milne the ending of the storybook; then, to her surprise, Milne gave her a kiss on the cheek. Nobody has seen Kureha and Ginko since they have begin their new life together.


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