Yuri Kuma Arashi

Yuri Kuma Arashi (ユリ熊嵐?, lit. "Lily Bear Storm", "Yuri Bear Storm" or "Lesbian Bear Storm") is a Japanese anime television series produced by Silver Link and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. The series was first announced via a website in August 2012, where it was referred to as the "Kunihiko Ikuhara/Penguinbear Project". The series first aired in Japan between January 5, 2015 and March 30, 2015. The series has been licensed in North America by Funimation.

A manga adaptation illustrated by Akiko Morishima began serialization from February 2014 in Gentosha's seinen manga magazine Comic Birz. The story was inspired by the Sankebetsu brown bear incident and derives its name from Akira Yoshimura's novelization of the incident, The Bear Storm (羆嵐 Kuma Arashi).[citation needed


Long ago, a far off planet known as Kumaria exploded, turning into a meteor shower that fell upon earth. This lead to bears becoming violent and attacking humans, who created the Wall of Severance to separate humans and bears. Several years later, two bears named Ginko Yurishiro and Lulu Yurigasaki disguise themselves as humans and enroll in Arashigaoka Academy, where Ginko takes interest in a human girl named Kureha Tsubaki.



Kureha Tsubaki (椿輝 紅羽 Tsubaki Kureha)
voiced by: Nozomi Yamane (Japanese), Alexis Tipton (English)
A second year student at Arashigaoka Academy who has a strong hatred of bears. She was in love with her friend, Sumika, who is eaten by bears, and is defiant about making other friends. After forming a friendship bond with Ginko with the yuri approval from the Life Judgement Guys, Kureha is transformed into a bear by Lady Kumaria, and delivers to Ginko her promise kiss. Kureha and Ginko are last seen heading on a journey beyond severance; Lulu states that no one knows what has happened to them afterwards.
In the manga, she is a shy girl who starts to open up more after meeting Ginko, who starts to show up frequently in her dreams as a bear person.
Ginko Yurishiro (百合城 銀子 Yurishiro Ginko)
voiced by: Miho Arakawa (Japanese), Monica Rial (English)
A bear who takes human form and transfers to Arashigaoka Academy, where she sets her sights on Kureha. It is later revealed that, as a bear, she was once friends with Kureha and her mother. At the end of the story, Kureha gives Ginko her promise kiss, and the two head on a journey beyond severance, guided by the "star of love".
In the manga, Ginko is a girl who sees every living thing as bears, believing Kureha to be her fated one as she is the only one who appears human to her. She assumes this is because the entire world is made up of bears and only she, her mother, and Yuriika can see the world for what it truly is. However, it is later revealed that this is just a delusion implanted into her by her mother.
Lulu Yurigasaki (百合ヶ咲 るる Yurigasaki Ruru)
voiced by: Yoshiko Ikuta (Japanese), Jamie Marchi (English)
Another bear who transferred in alongside Ginko. She was once the princess of a kingdom of bears, but after her jealousy drove her little brother to his death, she decided to help Ginko fulfill her quest for the promised kiss. She is killed by the Invisible Storm while defending Ginko.
In the manga, she introduces herself as Ginko's childhood friend and alleged 'lover' who served under her, but Ginko apparently has no memory of this.

Arashigaoka AcademyEdit

Sumika Izumino (泉乃 純花 Izumino Sumika)
voiced by: Yui Ogura (Japanese), Elaine Wagner (English)
Kureha's classmate, friend, and lover. Her refusal to exclude Kureha along with the rest of the Invisible Storm, a group of schoolgirls who exclude those who do not follow social cues that they consider evil, gets her excluded as well. Sumika is eaten by Mitsuko early on in the story, with Mitsuko stealing her glasses as a souvenir. Later, she appears before Kureha as Lady Kumaria to turn Kureha into a bear and send Kureha and Ginko on a journey beyond severance.
Mitsuko Yurizono (百合園 蜜子 Yurizono Mitsuko?)
voiced by: Aoi Yūki (Japanese), Caitlin Glass (English)
The class representative of Kureha and Sumika's class, and also a member of the Invisible Storm. In actuality, Mitsuko is a bear as well as the one who ate Sumika, stealing her glasses as a souvenir of her kill. Mitsuko is incredibly manipulative, and often uses sexual domination to get her way. She attempts to eat Kureha, but is shot by her rifle. She later appears before Ginko as a "ghost of desire" and merges with her, but is later rejected by Ginko.
Konomi Yurikawa (百合川 このみ Yurikawa Konomi?)
voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (Japanese), Anastasia Munoz (English)
Kureha's classmate, another bear, who is in a relationship with Mitsuko, and also a member and the first-seen leader of the Invisible Storm. Her catchphrase, only said when she is a bear, is "Nasty!" She attempts to attack Kureha out of jealousy, but is killed after Mitsuko shoots her in the head. Her corpse is later remodeled as a cyborg by the Invisible Storm to power a large cannon. After Kureha's and Ginko's escape, she is rejected by the Invisible Storm and labelled as "defective", but is found by Uchiko. The two then form a friendship together.
Katyusha Akae (赤江 カチューシャ Akae Kachūsha?)
voiced by: Miku Itō
Kureha's classmate and a member of the Invisible Storm. Katyusha is seen putting down with bear warning signs during an alarm in the first episode. She is later killed and eaten by Ginko and Lulu, with her iconic headband preserved, and is used to lure Eriko to the flowerbed for eating. It's implied she was one of Eriko's friends.
Eriko Oniyama (鬼山 江梨子 Oniyama Eriko?)
Voiced by: Mariya Ise (Japanese), Felecia Angelle (English)
Kureha's classmate and a member of the Invisible Storm, as well as the second leader of the Storm, appointed as leader after Konomi's death. She is seduced and manipulated by Mitsuko into becoming the leader in order to ensure Kureha's exclusion so Mitsuko can target and eat her; however, Ginko and Lulu lure Eriko to the flowerbed and eat her as part of a plan to protect Kureha. It is implied that Eriko was friends with Katyusha from her conversation with Ginko and Lulu.
Kaoru Harishima (針島 薫 Harishima Kaoru)
Voiced by: Yōko Hikasa (Japanese), Jad Saxton (English)
Kureha's classmate, a member and the third leader of the Invisible Storm. Kaoru wishes to become an important person who won't be excluded. Upon appointment as leader of the Storm, Kaoru formulates a plan to manipulate and torment Kureha, and is later revealed to have manipulated Sumika as a part of this plan, but her plan is foiled by the interference of Ginko. It is later revealed that Yurika was manipulating Kaoru to her own ends, with the two apparently also engaging in sexual activities. Yurika ends up eating Kaoru after Kaoru outlives her perceived usefulness.
Chouko Oki (大木 蝶子 Ōki Chōko)
Voiced by: Rie Murakawa (Japanese), Leah Clark (English)
Kureha's classmate and the fourth and current leader of the Invisible Storm, who heads up an anti-bear organization known as the KMTG to eliminate the bears. She is not beyond outright lying to get her way. She has a tendency to emphasize her words using "way" in place of "very" or "really".
Uchiko Ai (亜依 撃子 Ai Uchiko "Uko Ai" in the Fumination sub)
Voiced by: Aina Yasukuni
Kureha's classmate and a member of the Invisible Storm, who arms and controls the beam cannon used to shoot bears. At the end of the series, she witnesses Kureha and Ginko's escape to beyond severance, thus quitting the Invisible Storm after Choko lies and tells the other Invisible Storm members of their deaths. Uchiko later finds Konomi rejected in a box by the flowerbed, labelled as "defective", and the two form a friendship. It should be noted that during the Invisible Storm's exclusion sessions, Uchiko is frequently seen near the top of the list.
Yurika Hakonaka (箱仲 ユリーカ Hakonaka Yurīka)
Voiced by: Kikuko Inoue (Japanese), Colleen Clinkenbeard (English)
A teacher at Arashigaoka Academy, who was a close friend of Reia. Yurika was a bear who grew up in Arashigaoka Academy and was befriended by Reia, but felt betrayed by Reia giving other people, especially Kureha, love, and thus ate her out of anger and jealousy after Reia lent her star pendant, the symbol of their friendship, to Ginko. Since eating Reia did not satisfy Yurika, she presently plans to thus make Kureha her "bride-in-the-box" and eat her, and manipulates several of the students to achieve this end. Though Yurika gets close to success, she ends up foiled at the last minute, killed by the Invisible Storm.
In the manga, Yuriika is Ginko's paternal aunt, who Ginko lives with, who is in a sexual relationship with Ginko's mother.

Life Judgement GuysEdit

Template:Voiced by
The presiding judge of the Life Judgement Guys, a group of male bears who reside in the Template:Nihongo between the human and bear worlds, where they hold Template:Nihongo for Ginko and Lulu, which allow them to undergo yuri approval. He always speaks in a seductive manner, and his favourite catchphrase is Template:Nihongo
In the manga, he is the student council president of Arashigaoka Academy (which is a co-ed school in the manga). He is an infamous womanizer who is in love with Ginko.
Template:Voiced by
The bespectacled prosecutor of the Life Judgement Guys. He always speaks in a calm and collected manner, but is often flustered by the behavior of Life Beauty. His catchphrase is Template:Nihongo
Template:Voiced by
The defense attorney of the Life Judgement Guys. Looking younger than the others, he speaks in a childish manner and values cuteness above everything else. His catchphrase is Template:Nihongo.

Other charactersEdit

Template:Voiced by
Kureha's late mother, who attended Arashigaoka Academy. Reia was a kind woman who shared her love with bears as well, and encouraged her daughter to do the same. Reia was killed by Yurika after giving Ginko the star pendant that Yurika gave her as a symbol of their bond. Her death is what led to Kureha developing her present hatred of bears. Reia was also an author of picture books, one of which plays an important role in the story and Kureha's and Ginko's relationship.
In the manga, it is hinted that she was killed by Ginko's mother.
Lulu's younger brother and prince of the Bear Kingdom. Milne automatically replaced Lulu as heir of the kingdom after his birth, much to Lulu's shock and hatred, thus leading to her making several attempts on his life to reclaim the attention of the kingdom and title as immediate heir all for herself. Milne ended up dying after being stung by bees while trying to get his sister a promise kiss, but despite Lulu getting everything she wanted, she felt empty and miserable inside because of it.
Template:Voiced by
A goddess residing over both humans and bears, taking the form of a meteor. When the meteor was destroyed, the bears rose up against the humans and her role was taken over by the Life Judgement Guys. She is once again reformed when Kureha affirms her love for Ginko, taking the form of Sumika, and turns Kureha into a bear, before sending Kureha and Ginko off onto a journey beyond severance.
Ginko's mother, who appears exclusively in the manga version. She lives in a foreign country, as she has poor health, and is in a sexual relationship with Yuriika. She implanted the idea of a 'bear universe' inside Ginko's head and tries to encourage her to eat Kureha, apparently having eaten Reia herself.

Episodes Edit

  1. Never Back Down on Love
  2. I Will Never Forgive You
  3. Invisible Storm (Episode)
  4. I Can't Get a Kiss
  5. I Want To Have You All To Myself
  6. The Moon Girl and the Forest Girl
  7. The Girl That I Forgot
  8. Bride-in-the-Box
  9. The Future of the Girls
  10. The Door to Friendship
  11. What We Hope For
  12. Yuri Kuma Arashi (Episode)


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