The Future of the Girls
Ano Musume-tachi no Mirai
Storyboard Mitsue Yamazaki
Episode Director Mitsue Yamazaki
Animation Director Miki Takihara,
Yuka Kudō
Chief Animation Director Cagetzu Aizawa
Japanese Air Date
Air Date March 9, 2015
Opening Ano Mori de Matteru
Ending Territory
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I Want To Meet You Right Now! Growl! (Special Program) The Door to Friendship

The Future of the Girls (あの娘たちの未来 Ano Musume-tachi no Mirai) is the ninth episode of the Yuri Kuma Arashi anime series


Mitsuko, who claims to be a ghost of desire, appears before Ginko at a place known as The Door to Friendship. There they recount the events surrounding Sumika's death, in which Ginko had the chance to warn Sumika about Mitsuko's impending attack, but was held back by jealousy after hearing about her relationship with Kureha and let her die. After telling her about how Yurika manipulated Lulu into betraying her and plans to target Kureha, Mitsuko merges herself into Ginko's body, taking control of her. Meanwhile, the Invisible Storm, who have learned that Konomi was a bear and accepted Kureha into their group, suspect that there is another bear among their class. As Kureha, who shot Ginko after Lulu revealed she was Mitsuko's accomplice, is uncertain about whether Ginko was telling the truth about killing Sumika, Yurika impersonates the Life Judgement Guys to summon Kureha to the flower bed, where she attempts to attack her, only to be shot by the Invisible Storm students. Mistaking her for Reia in her dying breath, Yurika points Kureha towards the missing pages of Reia's picture book that she had stolen previously. 


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