The Door to Friendship
Tomodachi no Tobira
Storyboard Koji Sawai
Episode Director Koji Sawai
Animation Director Satomi Kurita,
Mutsumi Sasaki,
Kazuyuki Yamayoshi,
Kazuya Hirata,
Yuki Sawari,
Kaori Satō
Chief Animation Director Etsuko Sumimoto
Japanese Air Date
Air Date March 16, 2015
Opening Ano Mori de Matteru
Ending Territory
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The Door to Friendship (ともだちの扉 Tomodachi no Tobira) is the tenth episode of Yurikuma Arashi.


As the Invisible Storm convert Konomi's body into a cyborg to aid in their bear hunt, Kureha reads the rest of Reia's story, in which the moon girl and forest girl managed to meet and fulfill their love for each other. Later, Lulu comes around to bring Kureha her mother's pendant and explains why Ginko blamed herself for Sumika's death, stating it was because of her own jealousy that she betrayed Ginko. The pendant turns out to be a key which reveals a photo of Kureha, Reia, and Ginko together. As Kureha ponders why she can't remember being friends with Ginko, and whether or not she can forgive her, she and Lulu are forced to go on the run when the Invisible Storm learn Lulu is a bear and go on the hunt for her. Along the way, Lulu explains the nature of the yuri trials to Kureha, explaining that Kureha's memories of her was a price Ginko paid in order to undergo yuri approval. As punishment for revealing the secret behind her transformation, the Life Judgement Guys terminate Lulu's yuri approval, turning her back into a bear, but Kureha nonetheless remains determined to protect her. Recalling the Door of Friendship at the lily garden, which is how she first came to meet Ginko all those years ago, Kureha helps Lulu escape back to the bear world before being caught by the Invisible Storm. 

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