Sumika Izumino
Sumika Izumino
Kanji 泉乃 純花
Romaji Izumino Sumika
English Sumika Izumino
Age 16
Gender Female
Family N/A
Occupation Student
Affiliation Human
Race Human
Birthday Unknown
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Debut Never Back Down On Love
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Yui Ogura
English Voice Elaine Wagner

Sumika Izumino (泉乃 純花 Izumino Sumika) was Kureha's classmate, friend, and (former) lover, who was killed by Mitsuko. Her refusal to exclude Kureha along with the rest of the Invisible Storm, a group of schoolgirls who exclude those who do not follow social cues that they consider evil, gets her excluded as well. Sumika is eaten by Mitsuko early on in the story, with Mitsuko stealing her glasses as a souvenir. Later, she appears before Kureha as Lady Kumaria to turn Kureha into a bear and send Kureha and Ginko on a journey beyond severance.


She has short curly black hair pulled away from her face with hair clips that also match clips she has on her glasses. She has dark gray eyes and short bangs


She is shown to be extremely kind and strong-willed, refusing to either give up on her love for Kureha or give in to the Invisible Storm.



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