Reia Tsubaki
Reia Tsubaki
Kanji 椿輝 澪愛
Romaji Tsubaki Reia
English Reia Tsubaki
Gender Female
Family Kureha Tsubaki (Daughter)
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Humans
Arashigaoka Academy
Race {{{race}}}
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Debut Never Back Down On Love
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Aya Endō
English Voice Cynthia Cranz

Reia Tsubaki (椿輝 澪愛 Tsubaki Reia) is Kureha's late mother and was a teacher at Arashigaoka Academy. She was killed by Yuriika, leaving the pendant she received from her with Ginko.

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