Kureha Tsubaki
Kureha Tsubaki
Kanji 椿 輝紅羽
Romaji Tsubaki Kureha
English Kureha Tsubaki
Age 17
Gender Female
Family Reia Tsubaki (Mother)
Occupation Student
Affiliation Bear (formerly Human)
Race Bear (formerly Human)
Birthday N/A
Status Alive
First Appearance
Debut Never Back Down On Love
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Nozomi Yamane
English Voice Alexis Tipton

Kureha Tsubaki (椿 輝紅羽, Tsubaki Kureha) A second year student at Arashigaoka Academy who has a strong hatred of bears. She was in love with her friend, Sumika, who was eaten by bears, and is defiant about making other friends. After forming a friendship bond with Ginko with the yuri approval from the Life Judges, Kureha is transformed into a bear by Lady Kumaria, and delivers to Ginko her promise kiss. Kureha and Ginko are last seen heading on a journey beyond severance; Lulu states that no one knows what has happened to them afterwards.


Kureha has grey-blonde hair and violet eyes. She wears the school's regular uniform with a black necktie. Her hair is parted down the middle, but unstyled. The rifle used by her (and other people) in the anime is a scoped Remington 750 Woodsmaster with custom inlays in the grip of the stock.

Personality Edit

Kureha is not very open to others, but very affectionate and caring to those close to her.

Plot Edit

Kureha smells flower

Kureha smells the lily she planted

Kureha and Sumika love

Kureha and Sumika declare love

In Episode 1, she is seen to smell at the scent of the lily she just planted at her garden in the school compound of Arashigaoka Academy. Sumika Izumino came to visit her at the garden, with both of them declare love to each other. Just then, bears start to trespass the school compound and a girl's scream can be heard not far. The bear warning is issued by the academy. Sumika seems to be worried, but was comfort by Kureha and she said she will protect the former no matter what.

When Ginko Yurishiro and Lulu Yurigasaki are introduced as transfer students, they notice Kureha who was sitting back at the corner, and scent the honey sweet scent from her and wanted to eat her. During recess time, Kureha race to find Sumika everywhere in the school, only to find her at the rooftop waiting her. Kureha's stomach growl for hunger after she found Sumika who shares the fish tempura in her lunchbox with her. They eat the food together at the rooftop and lay side by side together sitting on the bench on the rooftop. Meanwhile, Lulu and Ginko turn into their bear form and starring at Kureha at the rooftop side because they long tasting Kureha and becoming jealous of her relationship with Sumika Izumino.

Suddenly, a mysterious person butchered favorite lily garden from the mansion of Kureha and Sumika, which Kureha and Sumika knew and claimed that it was the act of the Invisible Storm. Mitsuko Yurizono then visits Kureha and Sumika at their mansion, also admit the aforementioned fact and offers to help Kureha and Sumika, while having chat with them. Soon afterwards, a brick out of nowhere attacks and lands on a ground near them prompted the girls to be cautious. Back at Kureha's house that night, she recalls her memories she has with her mother who is killed by bears, and resolve to protect the ones she loves, never to forgive and kills the bears. She is seen practicing shooting the bears with her rifle.

The next day, the bears attack the school compound again and eaten a student, Kureha unknown of the incident denies that her friend, Sumika is eaten by the bears. Until her phone rang, a mysterious voice tells her that if she loves her friend, she must go to the rooftop immediately with the bears are waiting for her. Although Kureha did not know anything, she takes her snippers and go up the roof, only to find the two bears are attacking her and only Sumika's spectacles remains. Before she could do anything, the bears charge after her and their giant paws pushed Kureha down the infinite stairs.

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