Katyusha Akae
[[Katyusha Akae|250px]]
Kanji 赤江 カチューシャ
Romaji Akae Kachūsha
English Katyusha Akae
Age 17
Gender Female
Affiliation Invisible Storm
Race Human
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Debut Never Back Down On Love
Voice Actress/Actor
Japanese Voice Miku Itō
English Voice Michelle Rojas

Katyusha Akae (赤江 カチューシャ Akae Kachūsha?) Voiced by: Miku Itō A member of the Invisible Storm. She is eaten by Ginko and Lulu. Kureha's classmate. She is implied to be a member of the Invisible Storm as well as Eriko's friend. Katyusha is seen covering the school with bear warning signs during an alarm in the first episode. She is later killed and eaten by Ginko and Lulu, with her iconic headband preserved, and is used to lure Eriko to the flowerbed for eating.

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