Invisible Storm
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Opening Ano Mori de Matteru
Ending Territory
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I Will Never Forgive You I Can't Get a Kiss

Invisible Storm is the third episode of Yurikuma Arashi Anime Series.


Kureha speaks with her teacher, Yurika Hakonaka, who was a friend of her late mother, Reia, stating her worries that there's another bear around. Meanwhile, Mitsuko sways another girl, Eriko Oniyama, into becoming the leader of a group of students known as "The Invisible Storm" to further her schemes to ensnare Kureha. As Kureha becomes determined not to forget her love for Sumika, she receives another summon to the school roof. There, she is confronted by Mitsuko, who reveals her identity as the bear who killed Sumika. With Kureha backed into a corner, Ginko and Lulu undergo yet another Yuri Trial in order to save her from Mitsuko, giving her the strength to shoot Mitsuko down. Later that night, Ginko and Lulu bring Eriko to the lily garden in order to eat her.


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