I Will Never Forgive You
Kono Mi ga Tsukitemo Yurusanai
Storyboard Kunihiko Ikuhara
Tomohiro Furukawa
Episode Director Yorihisa Koyada
Animation Director Satomi Kurita
Chief Animation Director Etsuko Sumimoto
Japanese Air Date
Air Date January 12, 2015
Opening Ano Mori de Matteru
Ending Territory
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Never Back Down on Love Invisible Storm
I Will Never Forgive You (このみが尽きても許さない Kono Mi ga Tsukitemo Yurusanai) is the second episode of the Yuri Kuma Arashi anime.


Sumika is declared dead, much to the shock of Kureha, while Mitsuko remains suspicious of Ginko and Lulu.

Later, Ginko and Lulu show up at Kureha's house, where Ginko starts making a move on Kureha until Mitsuko shows up, aiming her gun at Ginko and Lulu. As Mitsuko chases after them, Kureha receives another anonymous calling her to the rooftop where another bear, who is secretly her classmate Konomi Yurikawa, attacks her.

After another Yuri Trial, during which Ginko and Lulu once again lick nectar from Kureha's lily, Mitsuko shows up to shoot the attacking bear. While Kureha rests from the experience, it is revealed that Mitsuko is actually a bear herself and the one who killed Sumika.


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