I Want To Have You All To Myself
Anata o Hitorijime shitai
Storyboard Toru Takahashi
Episode Director Toru Takahashi
Animation Director Taketomo Ishikawa,
Wakako Yoshida
Chief Animation Director Etsuko Sumimoto
Japanese Air Date
Air Date February 2, 2015
Opening Ano Mori de Matteru
Ending Territory
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I Can't Get a Kiss The Moon Girl and the Forest Girl
I Want To Have You All To Myself (あなたをヒトリジメしたい Anata o Hitorijime shitai) is the fifth episode of the Yuri Kuma Arashi anime.


As Kureha continues to reject offers of friendship from Ginko and Lulu, who move into her house, Yurika, who refuses to believe her story that Mitsuko was a bear, tells her about the necklace she once gave to Reia. Later, as Ginko recalls that 11 years ago, she was rescued by a young Kureha, Kureha shoots down another offer of friendship from her classmate, Kaoru Harishima. The next day, Kaoru offers to make things up to Kureha by getting all of her classmates to repair the lily garden for her birthday. However, Ginko and Lulu overhear Kaoru and the Invisible Storm once again plotting against Kureha. After undergoing another yuri approval, Ginko and Lulu chase after Kaoru, but Ginko gets caught by a bear trap that Kaoru had laid out in advance.


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