I Can't Get a Kiss
Watashi wa Kisu ga Moraenai
Storyboard Katsunori Shibata
Episode Director Mitsue Yamazaki
Animation Director Satomi Kurita,
Kazuyuki Yamayoshi,
Kazuya Hirata,
Yuki Sawari
Chief Animation Director Cagetzu Aizawa
Japanese Air Date
Air Date January 26, 2015
Opening Ano Mori de Matteru
Ending Territory
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Invisible Storm (Episode) I Want To Have You All To Myself
I Can't Get a Kiss (私はキスがもらえない Watashi wa Kisu ga Moraenai) is the fourth episode of Yuri Kuma Arashi.


The Judgemens of the Severance Court explain how Lulu was once the princess of a kingdom of bears. One day, when the Kumaria meteor shower fell upon Earth, Lulu received a younger brother named Milne who took her place as first in line for the throne. Wanting to be the kingdom's favorite again, Lulu made several attempts to get rid of Milne, only for him to return each time, bringing her a "promised kiss" in the form of a jar of honey, which she would then throw away. One day, however, Milne succumbed to an accidental death whilst trying to get more honey, which left Lulu unhappy despite getting what she wanted. Several years later, Ginko appeared before Lulu, bringing her the honey that Milne had previous tried to give her and reminding her not to forget what she has lost. Hearing about her mission to cross the Wall of Severance and deliver her love to someone, Lulu decided to help Ginko fulfill her promised kiss and accompanied her on her journey. Back in the present, Kureha rejects Lulu's offer to look after her, stating her only friend is Sumika, while Ginko is seen with a necklace that belonged to Reia.


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